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Trevor believes in the supernaturally powerful art of pretend and that TTRPGs can be enjoyed by absolutely anyone! He attempts to foster a space at his tables where people feel as safe being silly as they do deadly serious, as free to learn the lute as they are to slay dragons, and where love & fun are shared generously. Huge thanks to you for being here, to Nature for giving us lots of chances, and to Dusty Rose, his cat, for being perfect.

Dungeon Master

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Campbell is a Barrymore Award-winning actor and a member of the Wilma Hothouse acting company in Philadelphia. She is a teaching artist for the Wilmagination, Wilma All-Stars & Arden for All programs, bringing collaborative theatre-making practice to Philadelphia elementary and high schools. She has just gotten into TTRPGs in the past few years and is amazed at their ability to create community and make you brave!

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Kay is a huge nerd for a lot of nerdy stuff. They nerd out for computers & programming, video games & TTRPGs, music & musical theatre, and anything sci-fi or fantasy. Kay was briefly on Broadway in Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark (perhaps the nerdiest musical ever made) and is now a software developer living with their wife Kristin and adorable dog, Zuma. There’s no such thing as too much TTRPG for Kay.

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Ned Pryce is an actor-turned-woodworker and lifetime lover of TTRPGs! He loves welcoming new folks into the game and incorporating his own life lessons into his roleplay. Ned graduated with a degree in acting and now owns his own sustainable woodworking business that plants trees for every sale in hopes of keeping the planet healthy & clean. Ned is a single dad who lives with his son AJ and dog Shadow.

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Tyler has always been a fan of high fantasy, and now he's lucky enough to get to play TTRPGs with these wonderful people! Tyler graduated from Penn State with an Industrial Engineering degree and after 6 years in the industry, he followed his passion and jumped into brewing. He is a big Philly sports fan and lives with his wife Kylee and 2 cats, Arya and Guenhwyvar.

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